Jeudi 2 Avril, 2020

TIAR: Haiti closes its borders to Nicolas Maduro

Haiti and 14 other member countries of the Inter-American Treaty of Mutual Assistance (TIAR) agreed Tuesday, December 3 to prohibit Nicolas Maduro and some of its allies access to their territory.

Following a meeting held Tuesday (December 3rd) between the member states of the TIAR, the signatory countries of this document have agreed to forbid the Venezuelan president to cross their borders.

This significant action aims to increase the pressure to push Nicolas Maduro to resign. Haiti, currently grappling with a serious social, economic and political crisis, also prohibits Maduro access to its territory.

Besides the Republic of Haiti, are also on the list of signatory countries: Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Chile, Peru. In addition to Maduro, there are more than twenty allies and close to the current ruling team including Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza and Vladimir Padrino, Minister of Defense struck by this measure.

This is not the first time that Haiti has taken a stand against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Last September, at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS), more than a dozen countries, including Haiti, voted for a resolution to convene a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the countries of TIAR to act against Maduro.

The TIAR, also known as the "Treaty of Rio" (a kind of US NATO that paves the way for military intervention) is an agreement signed in 1947, prior to the founding of the Organization of American States (OAS). It has 17 member countries. In 2013, with Hugo Chavez, Venezuela had withdrawn from this treaty. It was not until last July that Juan Guaido facilitated the reintegration of the country into the circle.

Juan Guaido is the opponent of the Maduro regime recognized by the international community and by Haiti as the president ai of Venezuela.

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