Mardi 24 Novembre, 2020

Top 4 arguments that couples are having during the pandemic

Couples argue all the time. Experts even agree that having arguments might be a sign of a healthy relationship. Disagreements over big issues such as finances and raising children are fairly common as well as tiffs over bringing sand in the house on your shoes or putting keys in their rightful place.

While being at odds temporarily with your partner is fairly common, it seems that arguments have increased in frequency and intensity among many couples during the coronavirus pandemic. According to an April survey reported in Forbes magazine, only 18 per cent of couples are satisfied with the communication in their relationship.

If you are experiencing increased tension with your partner during this time, it may have a lot less to do with sand grains on the floor and a lot more to do with COVID-related stress.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, couples not being able to engage in many activities they once relied on for fun and to feel connected to one another other, like going out for dinner and taking a vacation, is causing increased problems because they now have limited outlets and options to release stress.

Here are four of the most common arguments that couples are having right now. 


The loss of employment or reduction in income is at the root of many arguments during the coronavirus pandemic. Anxiety over financial wellbeing can be soothed by making time to update and adjust your budget as well as engaging in open conversation about what are each person’s urgent needs.

Safety Risks

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While some of the hysteria over what coronavirus safety measures should be taken has subsided many couples argue over wearing a mask and when/where to practice social distance. Balancing quarantine rules with attending events, childcare and travel can create a strain on a relationship. Understanding the other person’s perspective will help in this area also try not to judge and look for ways to compromise.

No Alone Time

Many couples are finding it hard to have alone time or even personal space during the coronavirus pandemic. Many are sleeping, eating, working and relaxing in close quarters everyday for months. Some couples have re-ignited the romance while others are struggling to cope with cabin fever. Experts say the lack of alone time can act as a catalyst to quarrels. Stepping outside occasionally during the day can help as well as being honest with your partner about setting up a routine that allows for some you time.


Whether or not kids should return to school

For couples with children, the decision to continue remote learning or have them return to the classroom is difficult. Potential health risks, disruptions to work schedules and childcare arrangements have created tension and frustration that some couples are taking out on each other.  Couples should weigh the pros and cons of the options available but know that any decision will not come easily and without strong emotions.

In many ways, challenging times are an opportunity to regroup and reset. Gentle reminders, words of affirmation or re-telling stories of how you met are things that you can do to take the sting out of the tension and frustration. Readers, when things get hot and you are under a lot of pressure, just remember that diamonds too are formed under heat and tremendous pressure.

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