Dimanche 29 Novembre, 2020

Digicel donates US$100K to the OECS fight against COVID-19

Public Health Care Systems in the Eastern Caribbean will soon be receiving supplies of personal protective equipment (PPEs) from the OECS Commission. 

The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States said this is thanks in part to a US$100, 000 donation from Digicel for the procurement of protective gear that is critical in the fight against COVID-19.

Almost 60,000 masks have already arrived in the region and will be distributed to Member States according to population size. 

The OECS in a statement said it has expanded its pooled procurement beyond the existing Pharmaceutical Procurement Service (PPS) to better respond to emergencies, disasters and to pool procurement for other social services, including education supplies.

Head of the Development Cooperation & Resource Mobilisation Unit, Lisa Taylor-Stone said the Commission is pleased to partner with the telecommunications company. 

“We sent a call to the private sector highlighting the current situation in the Eastern Caribbean, what the likely impact of COVID-19 would be on both a health front and an economic front. Digicel answered almost immediately and has proved to be a stellar partner to the Commission.”

According to the OECS, Digicel gave a cash donation of US$140,000 with US$100 thousand earmarked for the procurement of PPEs and US$40 thousand dedicated to education.

“Digicel’s brand ethos as a business committed to building and strengthening the economic, social and environmental resilience of the Eastern Caribbean was on display. Digicel facilitated connecting the Commission with one of the top hospitals in Ireland with a very sophisticated procurement team and procurement platform.”

This according to the OECS, expanded its options and diversified the organisation’s suppliers’ portfolio.  

“Digicel is poised to be an invaluable development partner, coming on board with the Commission’s inaugural Sustainable Development Movement (SDM). The SDM is timely and relevant. A pandemic is a Sustainable Development issue and exacerbates the ongoing economic crisis in the Eastern Caribbean.”

Regional and international institutions interested in contributing to the Commissions ongoing COVID-19 response are asked to contact the Development Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation Unit at the OECS via telephone at 1-758-455-6354 or email at dcrm@oecs.int

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